Sirba Octet

An outstanding journey into klezmer and gipsy music!

Sirba Octet & Symphonic orchestra

an orchestral journey

Sirba Octet -balalaïka & symphony Orchestra

Russian, Klezmer & Gipsy music

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Sirba Octet at the Folle Journée 2019

Sirba Octet at Folle Journée of Nantes and region to present their new program SIRBALALAÏKA


Sirba Octet invited in Japan

The Sirba Octet will be there Hyogo Performing Art Center for 4 concerts in January 2019


Un bonheur collectif communicatif

L'ensemble Sirba Octet a offert dans l'Église Saint-Leu-Saint-Gilles à Paris un florilège de son répertoire plongeant "Au cœur de l'âme yiddish", au profit des sans-abris. Christine Ducq pour la Revue du Spectacle


Reportage France 3 Rhône-Alpes

Reportage France 3 Rhône-Alpes
Labeaume en Musiques : le Sirba Octet sur la scène du théâtre de Verdure

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A Yiddishe Mame Concert annulé

Festival de Corbigny



Classique au Vert
Festival Classique au Vert


Tantz !

Lavaux Classic Festival
Lavaux Classic Festival

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The sophistication of classical meets the vivacity of world music. Emotionally
contrasted, Tantz! is typical of its traditional roots but also perfectly in tune with
our modern era.

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