They talk abous us

in ResMusica :

The sophistication of classical meets the vivacity of world music. Emotionally
contrasted, Tantz! is typical of its traditional roots but also perfectly in tune with
our modern era.

A Yiddishe Mame

Deliciously nostalgic

François Lafon,
Le Monde de la musique, january 2005

These pieces of music possess an ephemeral quality – the dreamy weightlessness of the calm before the storm.

Le Violon yiddish

Yutha Tep,
Cadences, 2005

Le tour de force du Sirba Octet : unir sophistication des arrangements et liberté interprétative éblouissante

The Yiddish fiddle

Yutha Tep,
Cadences, january 2005

A tour de force for the Sirba Octet – sophisticated arrangements executed
with astonishing freedom of interpretation.

Wandering minstrels on the rooves of Paris

La Voix du Nord, january 2006

The exceptionally talented musicians who make up the Sirba Octet […] gave a
colourful performance. […] They take us on an expressive and informative
journey guiding us with clever musical tricks. Letting the instruments the lead their renditions are at times nostalgic and touching, at times comical. The audience goes away with an indescribable energy and vitality.