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The sophistication of classical meets the vivacity of world music. Emotionally
contrasted, Tantz! is typical of its traditional roots but also perfectly in tune with
our modern era.

Tantz !

A great work of art

Jean-Luc Caradec,
La Terrasse, november 2015

A sophisticated sound with rhythmic precision and musical prowess. In the
hands of the Sirba Octet’s classically trained musicians (almost all of whom are members of the Orchestre de Paris), this klezmer and gypsy music flourishes, brightens and sparkles like a freshly cut diamond.

An outstanding gipsy fantasia

Christian Merlin,
Le Figaro, november 2015

One of the most uplifting albums released in years. Tantz! is the most
accomplished of Sirba Octet’s works. […] A magnificent example of successful musical fusion. The whimsical nature of gypsy music and the precision of classical have never married so well. Surrender to its joyfulness where nostalgia is never far away.

Dansons la musique classiqueworld !

Jean-Christophe le Toquin,
ResMusica, 8 january 2016

Un contraste émotionnel typique de ces musiques, et un croisement entre savoir-faire de la musique classique et vitalité de la musique du monde, qui sont bien en phase avec les besoins de notre époque.

Fantaisie en tzigane majeur

Christian Merlin,
Le Figaro, 19 november 2015

C’est d’abord un des disques les plus festifs entendus depuis des années. Avec Tantz !, les huit complices du Sirba Octet réussissent leur programme le plus abouti. [..] Magnifique exemple de synthèse réussie, fantaisie tzigane et rigueur classique ne se sont jamais aussi bien complétées. Laissez-vous gagner par cette joie d’où la nostalgie n’est jamais totalement absente.

Let’s dance to classical world!

Jean-Christophe le Toquin,
ResMusica, january 2016

The sophistication of classical meets the vivacity of world music. Emotionally contrasted, Tantz! is typical of its traditional roots but also perfectly in tune with our modern era.


Anne Berthod,
Télérama, april 2017

Toute l’énergie tournoyante de ces danses populaires et du folklore yiddish, dont ils revisitent des thèmes emblématiques, exulte avec virtuosité, nimbée de l’élégance de la musique savante occidentale.

The Sirba Octet makes folk music dance

Anne Berthod,
Télérama, 2015

They have reinvented klezmer folk and classic gypsy music, turning moving
ballads into whirling dances […] Tantz! offers its audience a taste of the octet’s repertoire with its classical elegance, boundless energy and consummate lyricism.

The wild dances of the Sirba Octet

Philippe Venturini,
Les Échos, november 2015

As foretold by the Yiddish title and its exclamation mark, like a declaration of intent, Tantz! really gets your toes tapping […]. A first-class trip led by the
astonishing talent of every single musician.

These musicians show that having roots in one musical culture doesn’t stop them embracing a broader range of styles and sounds

Les Inrocks, november 2015

The volleying cimbalom, the hiccupping klezmer clarinet, the giggling violins and the deep bumblebee drone of the double bass are performed as chamber music. A musical fantasia with an element of chaos that makes it hopelessly nostalgic of Eastern Europe.

A Yiddishe Mame

Deliciously nostalgic

François Lafon,
Le Monde de la musique, january 2005

These pieces of music possess an ephemeral quality – the dreamy weightlessness of the calm before the storm.

Le Violon yiddish

Yutha Tep,
Cadences, 2005

Le tour de force du Sirba Octet : unir sophistication des arrangements et liberté interprétative éblouissante

The Yiddish fiddle

Yutha Tep,
Cadences, january 2005

A tour de force for the Sirba Octet – sophisticated arrangements executed
with astonishing freedom of interpretation.

Wandering minstrels on the rooves of Paris

La Voix du Nord, january 2006

The exceptionally talented musicians who make up the Sirba Octet […] gave a
colourful performance. […] They take us on an expressive and informative
journey guiding us with clever musical tricks. Letting the instruments the lead their renditions are at times nostalgic and touching, at times comical. The audience goes away with an indescribable energy and vitality.